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Viral Nation is looking for an Email Marketing Specialist to help us strategize, plan, and execute our email marketing campaigns. The Email Marketing Strategist will work on a variety of projects with the marketing team, such as newsletters and client communication, as well as lead nurture campaigns and outreach programs. This position will necessitate in-depth knowledge of CRM management, communication, CLM strategy, performance measurement, and marketing automation. The Email Marketing Specialist will work with copywriters, designers, and demand generation specialists to develop and implement a best-in-class email marketing strategy, shape how we communicate with current and prospective clients, and help drive growth across multiple channels of Viral Nation’s business.


  • 3-5 years of experience as an Email Marketing Specialist or a similar role is required.
  • Extensive knowledge of Hubspot and/or similar platforms.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
  • To keep clients informed, engaged, and retained, we created engaging journeys and lifecycle programs.
  • Lead and/or execute lead nurturing campaigns with measurable outcomes.
  • Utilized a variety of data sources to make strategic decisions that result in action and incremental value.
  • On a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis, I reported on the health of the programs.
  • To influence change, provide proactive channel forecasts, insights, and recommendations to stakeholders.
  • Understand the impact of business metrics on strategy, tactics, creativity, and other daily decisions.
  • A customer-centric perspective on communication, capable of recognizing and learning distinct needs and benefits of a given target audience.
  • Maintains current knowledge of CRM, CLM, lead nurturing, and marketing best practices, evaluating and communicating their potential impact on the business.
  • Email best practices, A/B testing, CASL and other anti-spam laws, and bringing new and innovative ideas to the team are all required.
  • Using Hubspot, create dynamic emails, modules, and templates.
  • Communicate with management frequently and clearly, and solicit feedback as needed.
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  • Drive high performance in automated email campaigns such as retargeting, transactional, acquisition, onboarding, and nurture programs.
  • Led ongoing campaign optimization efforts through A/B testing creative and messaging, customer segmentation, and audience insights.
  • Find new ways to automate and personalize lifecycle marketing programs. Consider cross-channel (email, chat, etc.) campaigns to improve the customer experience.
  • Strong organizational, communication, and coordination skills are required to effectively manage email campaigns.
  • Ensure that all campaigns are implemented, tested, and QAd in a high-quality and error-free manner.
  • Assist in the evaluation of emerging technologies, vendors, and industry innovations, and make recommendations for adoption as needed.
  • Assist in the development and oversight of the customer lifecycle engagement strategy, including planning, execution, measurement, and optimization, with a focus on the technical enablement of dynamic personalization, segmentation, and event-triggered communications.
  • Assist in the management of Hubspot’s database hygiene and optimization; develop and implement a strategy for monitoring and improving gaps in data health and accuracy.
  • Create and manage a customer and lead segmentation strategy that maximizes the effectiveness of email communication with current and prospective customers.
  • Create and implement lead nurturing campaigns for a variety of business units and initiatives. Performance is monitored and tracked, optimization recommendations are made, and results are reported.
  • Work closely with the leaders of the various business units to ensure that priorities are aligned and that the highest value/most important initiatives are prioritized.
  • Advise the marketing team and leadership on best practices and innovations in email marketing and marketing automation, as well as test and learn opportunities.
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Once you possess the requirements for the job all you need to do is to create an indeed account.

Once you are done creating the indeed account, This indeed account will enable you to continue your application through the company’s direct site.

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How do I become a email marketing expert?

7 Steps to Becoming an Expert in Email Marketing

  1. Learn how email marketing works.
  2. Improve your email marketing abilities.
  3. Learn how to use digital sales funnels.
  4. Choose your email marketing tools carefully.
  5. Learn how to conduct A/B testing.
  6. Improve your copywriting abilities.
  7. Investigate email marketing case studies.

What is the role of email marketing specialist?

A digital marketer who focuses on building email lists, creating emails, and nurturing leads through written communications is known as an email marketing specialist.


Is email marketing a real job?

Email marketing is a field that is looking for new employees. There are thousands of companies looking to hire qualified, engaging, and energetic people to handle their email marketing.


This is work that gives you access to the company’s email, so this involves a lot of trust for one to be hired into this position.

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