Work as an Ab support coordinator in Canada.



The Department of Seniors, Community, and Social Services is in charge of income, employment, disability, and community-based supports, as well as family violence prevention and family and community support services.

Through our contact centers, the Delivery Services Division is working to better connect Albertans to programs and services, as well as to ensure Albertans have access to the right services at the right time.



  • One year of related experience working with diverse populations, providing excellent customer service, assessing their needs, and providing service direction is considered an asset.
  • Keyboarding and computer system (Microsoft Office) proficiency are required.
  • Experience with web-based computer systems (Mobius, LISA, and CCD) is a plus.
  • Experience with social programs and arranging support for vulnerable individuals is required.
  • It is necessary to submit a cover letter outlining your qualifications.
  • Two-year diploma (Social Sciences field) or equivalent in a related field; no experience required.
  • Equivalency: Consider directly related education or experience based on one year of education for one year of experience; or one year of experience for one year of education.

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  1. System thinking: We are looking for candidates who will look at the big picture, scouring Human Services and potential service providers for support and services that meet the client’s needs.
  2. Problem Solving Through Creativity: Creativity and flexibility will be essential for success in this role. Candidates must be open to new experiences and have the ability to take calculated risks and think outside the box.
  3. Building Networks: As we continue to move toward a more citizen-centered approach, candidates will be required to build networks and collaborate regularly with internal and external stakeholders. Clients, ministry staff, community resource partners, and other partners are all included.
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The salary is ranged to be between $2,106.93 – $2,738.86 bi-weekly ($54,990 – $71,484/year)


Once you possess the requirements for the job all you need to do is to create an indeed account.


Once you are done creating the indeed account, This indeed account will enable you to continue your application through the company’s direct site.

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How many hours of training does a support coordinator need?

Each state and district has different requirements for becoming a support coordinator, so check with your local disability office. These courses include state health department training on monitoring requirements and how frequently you must renew your Medicaid waiver.

What skills does a support coordinator need?

Communication: Support coordinators must be able to communicate effectively with a wide range of clients.

Problem-solving abilities are required for support coordinators to find the best solutions for their clients.

Active listening: This skill assists support coordinators in thoroughly understanding their client’s needs.

Organization: Because support coordinators can work on multiple cases at once, they must be well-organized.

Critical thinking: To find the right answer, support coordinators must be able to evaluate all of the information in a case.

How do support coordinators find clients?

Most health departments provide people in need with a list of local support coordinators, agencies, and other resources.


If your residing in Canada and your finding a job that will pay you well, going through this article and applying to become an ab support coordinator can be a way of a breakthrough.

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