Work as a Personal Support Worker Instructor in Canada.



The primary responsibility of this position is to ensure that the Personal Support Worker program’s assigned courses are delivered in a high-quality manner while maintaining a respectful learning environment. A variety of instructional strategies, techniques, and delivery methods are used to achieve this goal. An instructor’s responsibilities include assigning courses based on course competencies, tracking daily attendance, and, if necessary, grading assignments, examinations, and class assessments.

The PSW Instructor will promote the vision, mission, and values of triOS College and work to create a team environment that values respect, integrity, dedication, and readiness while embracing diversity and promoting inclusiveness.



  • Must be a current Registered Nurse (RN) with the College of Nurses of Ontario.
  • a minimum of two years’ relevant experience working with PSWs
  • Previous teaching experience is considered advantageous.
  • It is preferable if a candidate has demonstrated facilitation, motivation, and management skills.
  • The ability to organize and communicate effectively is essential for success in this position.
  • You’ll need a desktop or laptop computer with a webcam, microphone, and speakers, as well as a stable internet connection.

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  1. Being able to work in a team that encompasses different kind of persons
  2. Ensure that the assigned courses in the Personal Support Worker program are delivered in a high-quality manner
  3. Ensure you assign courses in line with course competencies, recording daily attendance, and, if necessary, grading assignments, examinations, and class assessments.

Hours of Work:

We are searching for instructors to work from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm in the mornings or from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm in the evenings.

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The salary for the job is estimated to be between the range of 53.02–$90.06 a day.



Once you possess the requirements for the job all you need to do is to create an indeed account.

Once you are done creating the indeed account, This indeed account will enable you to continue your application through the company’s direct site.


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Is personal support worker a good career?

It’s a hands-on job that has a positive impact on people’s lives. If this is the most appealing of all the PSW benefits, you will most likely find a strong sense of fulfillment in this career.

How much are personal support workers paid in Canada?

In Canada, the average personal support worker salary is $36,075 per year, or $18.50 per hour. Entry-level salaries begin at $31,200 per year, with the most experienced workers earning up to $45,821 per year.

How long will PSW last?

If you have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree and are successful in obtaining the PSW visa, it will be valid for two years. If you have a PhD and are successful in obtaining a PSW visa, it will be valid for three years.


Applying for the position of a personal support worker can be difficult at times but reading through this can make it easier to make your application.

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