Work as a Disability Case Manager in Canada



As a Disability case manager, you will be expected to assist our plan members across Canada during illness, recovery, and return to work by providing disability benefits and proactive case management with a return-to-work focus. The position necessitates the use of critical judgment in determining whether to issue disability payments, as well as strong analytical abilities in interpreting contract language and medical data, daily task prioritization and execution, and extensive telephone communication.


  • Proactively manage a dedicated caseload while adhering to established service level agreements and deadlines.
  • Daily administrative tasks, such as sending correspondence, handling caseload tasks, and responding to emails and phone calls within 24 hours, must be completed.
  • weighing claims against contractual, medical, and employment constraints
  • To move cases toward a successful return to work or job-ready resolution by cultivating strong relationships with plan sponsors, plan members, treatment providers, and internal partners through frequent engagement.
  • Using analytical reasoning, write letters to convey important information about benefits.
  • Exhibit resiliency, understanding, and compassion when speaking with and engaging with plan members, which may include making difficult claims decisions.

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  • A bachelor’s degree in healthcare or a related field is preferred.
  • the ability to make difficult decisions under time constraints
  • Disability and/or group management Gainful knowledge is a valuable resource.
  • Experience in the medical field would be beneficial.
  • Be able to easily handle incoming and outgoing calls
  • To manage a variety of tasks, one must be well organized and prioritize tasks.
  • Excellent communication skills in French and English would be advantageous.
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The salary of the work is estimated to be within the range of $52.3K–$66.3K a year


Once you possess the requirements for the job all you need to do is to create an indeed account.

Once you are done creating the indeed account, This indeed account will enable you to continue your application through the company’s direct site.


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What does a disability case manager do?

The Disability Case Manager, who reports directly to the Manager of Disability Management Services, is in charge of managing and making decisions on short and long-term disability case files, as well as processing payment for assigned disability and life claims.


Is being a disability case manager hard?

For the most part, the workload is manageable. This job will be very doable if you have prior experience, and the average DCM claim workload is around 70-80. The job itself is fairly straightforward, and once you’ve mastered the processes and systems, it’s simple to plan your week.

Is a case manager higher than a social worker?

The primary distinction between a case manager and a social worker is that a social worker is licensed to provide therapy while a case manager is not. A social worker provides some needed services to clients and refers them to others.


This is a job that allows you to touch lives while caring for the sick, so if you are passionate about health care, going through this article will allow you to apply and get to touch life.

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