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As an ACTT Consultant, you will assist physicians, PCNs, and other key change agents in the implementation of the Patient Medical Home and Health Neighbourhood. As a consultant, you will be assigned to a variety of duties and projects to assist ACTT activities.

This position allows you to: advance the patient’s medical home and medical neighborhood by collaborating with teams in charge of both product development and delivery.


While assisting initiatives, develop and implement communications strategies that take into account the variability of each practice’s preparation, practice habits, resources, and skills/knowledge.

Support the development and implementation of communication materials and techniques for capacity building, such as governance best practices, improvement models, influencer models, behavior change, and teamwork science.

Facilitate and strengthen medical professionals’ ability to achieve the AMA and/or ACTT team’s goals.



  1. A bachelor’s degree in business, medicine, or a related field is required.
  2. A Master’s degree is recommended; thus, a comparable set of skills and knowledge may be considered.
  3. Working for at least five years with doctors and healthcare teams, preferably in primary care.
  4. Experience developing and implementing communication strategies and materials for program and project improvement.

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  • Able to show a thorough awareness of the intricacies of the health care system in Alberta.
  • Proven oral and writing communication abilities; able to create, modify, and put into action communication plans and strategies that are tailored to the demands of the target audience.
  • Exhibit the capacity to steer sessions toward collaborative or consensus-based outcomes.
  • Expertise and abilities in creating tools and products for doctors and teams, quality improvement methodology, change management, process improvement, teamwork, electronic medical records used in doctor’s offices, and measurement and assessment.
  • Capable of cooperating in a team setting with various stakeholders.
  • Capable of working within a changing environment; flexible and adaptable
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The Salary estimate for the job is between the range of $87,790–$102,783 a year.


HOW TO Apply

Once you possess the requirements for the job all you need to do is to create an indeed account.

Once you are done creating the indeed account, This indeed account will enable you to continue your application through the company’s direct site.

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Can you work remotely in healthcare?

One of the most popular categories for remote and partially remote roles is healthcare and medical occupations. There are several options in this field, from telemedicine to nursing and medical coding.

Can healthcare administrators work remotely?

Work-at-home opportunities are becoming more prevalent in the healthcare industry. Many positions in the healthcare industry now provide employees the freedom and security of working from home and telecommuting, even if the majority still require some on-site labor. Healthcare management might be one of those occupations with the appropriate employer.

What is remote health care?

A telemedicine service called Remote Medical Care enables continuous monitoring of the patient’s health as well as performing routine preventive and control exams outside of hospitals. The use of mobile devices that measure vital signs makes this type of care viable.


For individuals who are residents of Canada and looking for a remote job to apply for, the jobs listed above can be of great importance in helping you make a decision on the type of remote job you can take on.

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