How To Get Canada Work Visa Easily


If you planning to work in Canada, it is a must that you have your Canada work permit because, without it, you can’t do anything like work there.

A Canada Work Permit, also known as a Work Visa, is granted to qualifying foreign nationals who wish to work in Canada for a set length of time.


Only after receiving a work offer or employment contract from a Canadian company may individuals apply for a Work Visa. The company must acquire an LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) from ESDC (Employment and Social Development Canada), which allows them to hire foreign skilled employees for jobs that cannot be performed by Canadian citizens or permanent residents.

Canada, being one of the world’s major economies, is an excellent choice for anyone wishing to work overseas. The Canadian Work Permit Visa permits people to work in Canada, including business persons, permanent workers, temporary workers, students, and others.

Applicants must typically have a job offer in hand in order to apply for a work permit visa. Y-Axis can assist you in finding a job and applying for a Canadian Work Permit Visa with our comprehensive abroad career options.


Requirements/ Eligibility For Canada Work Permit

The requirements here are the characters you are expected to meet up with.

  • Provide proof to an officer that you will leave Canada when your Work Permit expires.
  • Have proof that you will be able to support yourself and your family throughout your stay in Canada.
  • Have no criminal history and provide a police clearance certificate as proof.
  • You must  not a threat to Canadian security
  • Must be in excellent health and willing to undergo a medical checkup if necessary.
  • Have no plans to work for an employer that has been identified as ineligible by the government due to failure to meet specific standards.
  • Have no intention of working for a company that provides exotic dancing, escort services, striptease, or erotic treatments.
  • You must be prepared to produce any documentation requested by police in order to qualify for entrance into Canada
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Documents To Be Presented To The Embassy

There are some do do documents your expected to present to the embassy before you can be granted a work Visa, wer the documents below.

  • A valid passport having a validity period of at least six months beyond the scheduled date of arrival in Canada.
    two passport-sized photos taken recently
  • Certificates of educational attainment
    Professional credentials, including work experience, must be demonstrated.
  • Evidence of sufficient financial means to support their expenditures throughout their stay in Canada
  • Medical examinations must be performed in licensed hospitals.
  • The application fee receipt

If you are able to provide the documents above then you are ready to apply for the permit.

How To Apply For Canada Work Visa

Here are the step by step guide to how you can apply.

  • Locate the nearest embassy of Canada
  • Book an appoint with them either online or offline
  • Go for the interview with the all your documents
  • Submit and wait Responses from them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a work permit in Canada?

For you to be given a work permit, you will pay $155

How long does it take to get work permit?

Ir takes only 30 working days

What is the minimum salary for work permit in Canada?

You will be paid $17 per hour.


Here you have it, you should not be confused about how you can apply for this recruitment.

If you have any more information or question you can reach out to us here at Scholarship.okay and would get back to you.

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