How To Apply For Netherlands Work Visa


If you want to get Netherlands work Visa, you should look at all we are going to say here because it will guide you on how to go about it.

Obtaining a Netherlands work visa will allow you to freely travel and work in the nation, so we have all the information you need to get started.


If you want to work in the Netherlands for longer than 90 days, you must apply for a work visa.

Foreign nationals seeking to enter the Netherlands for employment purposes must get a work visa.

In addition to the Dutch residency permit, you may be required to get a work permit. The regular visa or residence permit is never required to enter or remain in the Netherlands.


Who Needs a Work Visa in the Netherlands?

This is where we would briefly explain to you the folks that require work visas before coming to the Netherlands.


You may or may not need a visa to enter the Netherlands, depending on your nationality.

You do not need a work visa or residence permit to enter the Netherlands if you are from a country that is a member of the EU, EEA, or Switzerland.

You do not need a Dutch residence permit if you are a family member of an EU, EEA, or Swiss national, but you must get a Verification against EU Law (certificate of lawful residence).

To live in the Netherlands, all other foreign nationals must have a work permit in addition to a Dutch residency permit. Some people can get a Single Permit, which combines their work and residence permits into one.

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Some countries must apply for an MVV visa (also known as a “provisional residence permit” or type D visa) in addition to their Dutch resident permit. If you need an MVV, you may also be required to complete a civic integration exam that examines your knowledge with the Dutch language and culture.


  • Your passport or similar form of identification must be valid for the duration of your stay.
  • You must have sufficient cash resources.
    Payslips or income statements, documentation confirming you own shares in a company, or a letter from a benefits agency are all examples.
  • You must have health insurance. It must cover you for the entire time you will be in the Netherlands.
  • You must not pose a “danger to public order, national peace, or national security.”
  • You must provide proof of the purpose of your visit. A contract of employment in the Netherlands, for example, or a transcript from a Dutch university, or a marriage or civil partnership certificate.

How To Apply For Netherlands Work Visa

During your relocation, you will spend the most of your time in the Netherlands.

Your employer must do business with the Netherlands branch where you have been transferred. You must have been moved to that business shortly before applying.

You are not permitted to transfer to a branch that has received a fine in the past five years for failing to comply with Article 2 of the Aliens Employment Act or failing to pay (or paying insufficiently) wage tax or employer insurance premiums.

Employees under training must follow a trainee program rather than a conventional employee program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for a single permit

Foreign people who wish to work in Netherlands


That’s it, you can now apply for Netherlands work Visa with the guide we have provided for you here.

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