How Get Sweden Transit Visa Easily


A lot will not know what Sweden transit Visa is and that is the more reason why someon like that should be reading this post.

Because hardly everyone has heard of a transit visa, we decided to bring it for you so you won’t be confused when questioned about it.


Non-EU/EEA nationals who need to arrive in Sweden to board a flight to their final destination must have a transit visa.

People Who Dont Need Visa to Enter Sweden

These are a few exclusions from the rules as to why you might not require a transit visa or why others do not.

  • Holders of an official passport.
    Individuals with a valid visa or residence permit granted by a European Union member state.
  • Persons from a third nation who have a visa valid for admission into Canada, the United States, Japan, and EU and EEA member countries.
  • Third-country nationals who have been given a resident permit by a member state of the EU/EEA.
  • Family members of EU/EEA or Swiss citizens
    Nationals of Chicago Convention on International Civil Aviation Contracting Parties who operate as flight crew (ICAO)

So if you among the above category of people, you can enter the country without Visa and you will not be questioned so far your passport is valid.


Requirements For Sweden Transit Visa

The following are some of the documentation you must provide to the embassy in order to be granted a transit visa:

1. A Schengen visa application form

An application that has been entirely completed and signed.


2. passport

A valid passport that is no older than 10 years The visa need to have at least two blank pages.

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3. A passport photo.

In the Schengen photo standard, there is just one image.

4. The fee receipt.

Provide a printed proof proving that you have paid the transit visa fee.
duplicates of previous visas (If applicable)

5. The destination requires a visa. (If required)

6. Flight Ticket

A detailed flight schedule that includes your contact details.

How To Apply

  • You must first determine whether you are eligible to apply for a transit visa to Sweden.
  • Complete the visa application form with all of your proper information.
  • Submit all needed documentation.
  • Make an appointment with the embassy through email or in person.
  • When the interview is granted, go to it.
  • You must pay the visa charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Transit Visa cost?

The transit visa to Sweden is only $80.

Can I exit the airport if I only have a transit visa?

No, it is not permitted.

How long is the transit visa in Sweden?

It only lasts 24 hours.

How long is the validity of the Seafarer Transit Visa?

You can remain for 5 days with this sort of visa.


Sweden is a European country, and if you know you will be stopping there before continuing on to your destination, you willneed this visa.

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