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Many individuals have been confused by the distinction between greencard and US visa some believe they are the same, while others believe they are different. This is why we have this page.

among the most popular places in the country for immigration and travel. The US issues more than 6 million temporary visas each year, compared to more than 1 million Green Cards, which are awarded.


If you plan to visit the US on a temporary or permanent basis, it is essential that you understand the differences between a Green Card and a US visa. This will enable you to choose the right sort of permission.

Difference Between Green Card and US Visa

The main contrast between a Green Card and a visa is that a Green Card is a permanent residency permit that allows you to become an American citizen. On the other hand, a visa is a temporary permit issued for transient residence.

The following are further differences between a visa and a Green Card:


1. On the other side, you must come from a country that is not qualified for the Visa Waiver Program and must have a visa that allows application for a Green Card while on a US visa (such as an H1B visa).

2. When applying for a green card, you must have family members already living in the country, but when applying for a visa, you are only planning a brief trip.


3. You must have an employer or a job in the US for you to receive a green card but in the case of a Visa, you are expected to live the nation immediately after your visa expires

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4. It is anticipated that you have a clean criminal record for a Green Card, whereas for a visa it is expected that you have never been found guilty.

5. Prior to renewing your Greencard, you must remain in the US for 10 years; however, with a Visa, you must stay for at least 90 days, and an extension is not always granted.

6. You must pay $1,200 to obtain a Green Card, but only $160 to obtain a visa.

7. A visa takes between 15 and 30 days to process, but a green card takes two to three years.

8. While in a visa, you do not require a sponsor; this might be sponsored by family or employers.

9. After five years, you can apply for citizenship with a Greencard, but not with a Visa.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Visa the same as GreedCard?

No, they are not identical.

If I have a Green Card, do I need a visa?

Yes, however your visa usually has a 10-year expiration date.

How long do green cards last?

Before it may be renewed, it must be used for at least ten years.

Can I stay with a Green Card indefinitely?

With a green card, you may live there permanently.


You now have it! Now that you know how the two items vary, you won’t be perplexed.

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