Fiji Visa Application | The Requirements


Fiji Visa is one of the easiest Visa to get when you are going to the country for tourist purpose or just for holiday but when your going there to live or study, the situation is different.

You will be required to produced some documents that will be used to make sure you are entering the country clean.


Fiji is an island republic in the Melanesia region of Oceania with a population of 912,241 and a territory of 18,274 km2.

There are a lot of international tourists there. mainly from the US, Australia, and New Zealand.

Most visitors from across the world are able to go to Fiji without needing a visa or other authorization. But to enter the country, a large number of foreign people still need to apply for a visa.


Types of Visa in Fiji

You should be able to determine your objective for visiting Fiji before you travel there, since this will help you choose the right form of visa. Fiji offers the following types of visas.

1. Business Visa

These are the conditions you must meet in order to obtain this visa if you are traveling to Fiji for business.



  • Fill out the visa application.
  • Two recent photos that are passport-sized.
  • A copy of a passport’s biodata page which must be authorized.
  • Provide a sponsorship letter if a local business or group is paying for your vacation.
  • The individual financing the charges for the full stay must be identified in the letter.
  • Business registration certificate will also be needed.

2. Transit Visa

When you are stopping to catch another flight to your destination, you receive this form of visa.

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In order to obtain this form of visa, you must do it at the airport, and the visa will only be valid for 24 hours.


  • Completely filled visa application form
  • Proof of a current visa or equivalent permit for the place you’re traveling to
  • Proof of both a ticket to get to the next place and a ticket to get out of that place.
  • A copy of your passport’s biodata page. must be authorized.
  • Two recent Passport Photographs

3. Holiday Visa

If you’re traveling frequently or taking a family vacation to Fiji, you’ll be granted this.


  • A copy of your ticket with your return date on it
  • Evidence of accommodations
  • Two current passport photos be presented
  • Your International Passport should still be valid for the next 6 months
  • A completed application form
  • Cover letter outlining the rationale for your trip to Fiji
  • Remember to schedule an interview appointment with the Embassy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long am I allowed to remain in Fiji on a transit visa?

Before leaving for your destination, you may stay for up to 24 hours.

When can I receive a Fijian visa?

There is a 15-day processing period.

When should apply for a visa?

Applying a month or two before your trip date is advised.

What is the cost of a Fiji visa

The cost of the visa ranges from $20 to $120, depending on the type you desire.


Fiji is a lovely nation where you may apply for a visa and have it approved quickly.

At Scholarship.okaywap, we would continue to update you on the newest news on visas or your preferred country.

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