Belarus Visa Application Procedures and Requirements


If your looking forward to going to a country like Belarus, then you should be reading this article because it guide you through the whole application process.

The Belarus visa application process may not be as simple as some may portray it to be, particularly for those who intend to study or work there.


One of the most stunning nations in Europe, Belarus once belonged to the Soviet Union and shares a border with Russia.

It is the ideal spot to work and earn a lot of money for individuals who want to live and work in the country.

Because of their excellent educational system, anyone who wants to study in Belarus may do so without any reservations.


Requirements For Belarus Visa

Here are all the conditions need to obtain a Belarus visa.

  • You must provide proof of your valid visa if you are applying from another nation.
  • You must possess a reliable form of identification.
  • should provide a letter outlining your reasons for visiting Belarus.
  • You have to own a document from the police clearing you of any criminal allegations.
  • Possess a completed visa application form
  • Show receipts for your visa payments.
  • Should possess a legitimate form of identification, such as a National ID
  • You should have a passport that allows you to travel abroad and is still valid three months after the day you entered Belarus.
  • Your biodata are all accurate, and you should still have 3 free pages.
  • present a clear passport Photographs (at least 2)
  • You should possess a letter of invitation from a resident of Belarus.
  • To demonstrate that you have the resources necessary to remain in the nation, present your most recent bank statement.
  • Have a photocopy of your passport biodata page
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How To Apply For Belarus Visa

Here is a step-by-step instruction sheet for applying for a Belarus visa.


You can apply for this visa in one of two methods, depending on whether your nation has an embassy.

For those in Nigeria, you may apply online by visiting their website at Every nation has a website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to obtain a visa for Belarus?

After you submit your application, they will contact you within three business days.

Is a visa available for arrival?

It is feasible to obtain a visa upon arrival, but not for Belarus.

How long is it between Nigeria and Belarus?

You can go to Belarus in approximately 13 hours.

How much does a Belarus visa cost?

A visa costs $68


That’s all there is to it for how to apply for a Belarus visa and receive it quickly; you can also look at other countries that could be of interest to you and check their criteria.

You are welcome to contact us at any time for further details regarding applying for a visa.

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